How CellarControl maintains perfect beer, year after year

While we are passionate about reducing wastage and expenses for our customers (CellarControl is the perfect solution for reducing beer line cleaning costs by the way), we are even more passionate about the quality of draught beer that our venues serve.

Since 2007, our clients have poured tens of millions of pints, schooners and midi’s for thirsty patrons – with CellarControl at the helm of beer quality. Through accredited laboratories, we’ve conducted dozens of on-site quality tests over the years, including venues who have been using our technology for over 10 years.

The result? It’s been verified that CellarControl is not just a great cost-saving measure, but it also excels at improving beer quality and continues to do so after years in operation.

We’ve spoken before about the effects of biofilm growth within your beer lines, how it grows over time on the walls of the lines and quickly effects beer quality. What many people don’t know is that caustic cleaning – while an important part of the process – usually only masks the problem in the short term, and by solely employing this method you are not addressing the root issue.

Pictured: Beer quality results from Chatswood RSL, taken in 2016 (7 years following installation). The results show that even after many years in operation, beer quality is kept at excellent levels. Read the full case study here.

The old saying “prevention is better than a cure” really holds true when it comes to beer quality. Using a preventative system to inhibit this biofilm growth is a long-term solution which actually improves beer quality over time.

It takes a bit of adjustment to understand that less line cleaning equals better beer, but with the right equipment in place, you can break down historical growth within your lines (that normal cleaners struggle to remove) and prevent future growth, which is a far more effective solution in the long term.

We still work with many of our original customers since we established CellarControl in 2007, and as our results show we continue to deliver amazing results year on year. Let us know if you would like to find out more.